Five Things..

.. Five simple pleasures that have put a smile on my face recently, documented through the lens of Instagram;


Some amazing summer sandals I found on a super-market sweep style shopping trip for about £12 at Primark! They go with everything, the quality is surprisingly good.. get them while you still can.


Flashback-ing to our last holiday in the Dominican Republic, poolside with a Raspberry Collins while I wish away the days ’til we jet off and this becomes my view again.. Four little days left!


I had a little twitter strop when my Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick fell apart on me.. about 10% had actually been used before all of the blocks became dislodged and made a huge mess all over my dressing room…


.. so I continued my rant to a poor Bobbi Brown assistant at John Lewis who kindly replaced it with a brand-spanking new one. Thanks!


Glastonbury 2013.. Shangrila nightclub.. No words. A more detailed post to follow in the very near future dedicated to one of the best weekends of my life; keep your eyes peeled!

rachelle xo


2 thoughts on “Five Things..

  1. laurabutlerxoxo says:

    Love these pics! I’ve just started my blog here on WordPress and love discovering other blogs from people who have similar tastes to me! 🙂 Xx

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