Five Things..

..Another week, another round up of instagram snaps from along the way;


I cant help stopping and staring at stunning bouquets on the roadside of our local florists, the summer always brings the most beautiful flowers out.


After a few too many drinks on Saturday night, my skin was desperate for some TLC and a decent sleep. The Super Facialist Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask (which is amazing to use once a week) and a good night sleep had my face back to its previous state come Monday morning.


Sunshine and almost anything make a pretty good combination. Sunshine and a fruit-filled glass of Pimms is literally a little glass of heaven.


Testing out some amazing new products at the office while skimming my way over the delicious images in an old French Vogue made for a very pleasant Monday.


A delicious new breakfast I’ve been devouring almost every morning; a sachet of good ‘ol Oat So Simple with a handful of raspberries, a few chopped strawberries and sprinkling of walnuts. I’d say how easy it is to whip up in the morning but I’d be glory seeking.. In reality I’m usually finishing off my hair while the poor boy is forced to carry out the whipping-up.. I’m a lovely girlfriend, really!

rachelle xo


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