Happy Halloween..

..Whatever you have planned for this spooky evening, here is a little gothic-glam inspiration to steer your outfit in the right direction of chic.



Only Valentino can make Halloween a glamorous affair, and make us want to sport black lace masks and feathers..



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Take me Away.. to Menorca



People don’t really hear that much of the small Balearic island, Menorca. I personally hadn’t even heard that much of the isle but faced with a twelve day window in both the boy & I’s diary and after a flick through Condé Nast Traveller filled with the most beautiful pictures of secluded bays with crystal clear calm water it was decided that our last little summer break of 2013 would be to the islands capital, Mahon.


By night, the gorgeous little pebbled alleyways and harbours come to life which are packed into any space possible with bars and restuarants; all authentic places filled with trendy locals drinking Menorcan gin and the amazing cava sangria. While the typical Spanish tapas are good, the locally caught seafood is on another level. Its worth going for what are listed on menus as “small salted Menorcan prawns”, which are actually piles of fresh still-in-the-shell King Prawns, gently cooked in garlic, plenty of white wine and butter with a healthy dose of bread on the side.

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Braving the Saturday Shops..


.. during a heatwave sounds like a recipe for disaster. On one of my busiest weekends of the year, a heatwave decides to head our way. Excellent. Not only have I a mountain of work to get through, but just about all of my holiday shopping to do as we board that plane in eight little days time. I’m usually the most organised person on the planet when it comes to vacay-prep but I’ve been well and truly wrapped up in a little daze of the new site launch while enveloped in the post-Glasto blues…

To keep cool while dashing around buying bikinis and tanning oil I’ll wear something simple that looks stylish without being too ‘Summer-is-here-lets-take-off-everything’ and also easy to slip in and out of in changing rooms; like a pair of vintage Levi cut-off shorts teamed with a perfectly cut Philip Lim black tee and sexy Steve Madden sandals (which happen to be on sale for THIRTY TWO QUID). I’m still sporting the dreaded Glasto-Gut and a bikini to squeeze into, so nothing besides a ton of organic juice and sushi for this poor soul. Spare a thought for me as you guzzle cocktails and barbeque ribs in the sunshine.

Say it with me; “eight sleeps, eight sleeps, eight sleeps”..

Rachelle xo